Boeing 737 Max crash victims ask US to impose $25bn fine

Family members of victims of the Boeing 737 Max crashes are seeking justice for their loved ones by calling on the US government to impose a $25 billion fine on the aircraft manufacturer. The two crashes, which occurred in October 2018 and March 2019, claimed the lives of 346 people and were caused by a faulty automated system on the planes.

The families of the victims have been pushing for accountability and transparency from Boeing since the tragedies occurred. They have criticized the company for prioritizing profits over safety and failing to properly test and certify the 737 Max before it was put into service. In response to mounting pressure, Boeing has made changes to the software system that was responsible for the crashes and has committed to improving safety measures moving forward.

Despite these efforts, the families of the victims are demanding more concrete action to hold Boeing accountable for the loss of life. They are calling on the US government to impose a $25 billion fine on the company as a way to ensure that Boeing takes responsibility for the mistakes that led to the crashes. The families believe that this hefty fine would send a strong message to Boeing and other aircraft manufacturers that safety should always be the top priority.

In addition to the financial penalty, the families are also calling for greater oversight and regulation of the aviation industry to prevent similar tragedies from happening in the future. They want to see stricter safety standards, more thorough testing procedures, and increased transparency from companies like Boeing to ensure that passengers are not put at risk.

The families of the victims have been vocal in their demands for justice and accountability, and they are determined to continue fighting for the safety of air travelers around the world. They are hopeful that their efforts will lead to meaningful change within the aviation industry and prevent future tragedies from occurring.

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