Here’s who Democratic voters would support if Biden dropped out

Former Vice President Joe Biden has been leading the pack of Democratic presidential candidates for several months now, but recent gaffes and slip-ups have caused some voters to question his electability. If Biden were to drop out of the race, who would Democratic voters support instead?

According to recent polls and surveys, it seems that the most likely beneficiaries of Biden’s departure would be Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. Both Warren and Sanders have strong support among progressive voters, and their policies align closely with the priorities of many Democratic voters.

Warren, in particular, has been gaining momentum in recent weeks with her detailed policy proposals and strong debate performances. Her focus on economic inequality and corruption in Washington has resonated with many Democratic voters who are looking for a candidate who can take on big corporations and bring about real change.

Sanders, on the other hand, has maintained a loyal base of support since his 2016 presidential campaign. His calls for a political revolution and his support for progressive policies like Medicare for All and tuition-free college have energized young voters and working-class Americans who feel left behind by the current political system.

Other candidates who could potentially benefit from Biden dropping out include Mayor Pete Buttigieg, Senator Kamala Harris, and former Texas Congressman Beto O’Rourke. Buttigieg has been gaining ground in recent polls with his message of generational change and his ability to appeal to moderate and conservative voters. Harris, with her prosecutorial background and strong debate performances, has also been seen as a contender for the Democratic nomination. O’Rourke, who gained national attention during his Senate race against Ted Cruz, has struggled to gain traction in the crowded field but could see a boost if Biden were to exit the race.

Ultimately, the Democratic primary is still wide open, and anything could happen between now and the first caucuses and primaries early next year. If Biden were to drop out, it would likely shake up the race and give voters a chance to reassess their options. With so many strong candidates still in the running, Democratic voters have a wealth of choices to consider as they decide who will ultimately take on President Trump in the 2020 election.

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