Tornadoes and storms leave 15 dead across central US

Tornadoes and severe storms have wreaked havoc across the central United States, leaving at least 15 people dead and causing widespread destruction. The deadly weather system swept through several states, including Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas, leaving a trail of devastation in its wake.

In Texas, at least seven people were killed when a tornado touched down in the town of Franklin, about 125 miles south of Dallas. The twister tore through the town, destroying homes, uprooting trees, and causing widespread damage. In nearby Robertson County, two people were killed when a tornado hit the town of Calvert.

In Oklahoma, four people were killed when a tornado struck the town of Picher, in the northeastern part of the state. The twister destroyed homes and businesses, leaving residents in shock and disbelief. In Kansas, two people were killed when a tornado touched down in the town of Gypsum, causing significant damage to buildings and infrastructure.

The severe weather also caused widespread power outages, road closures, and disrupted transportation services. Emergency crews have been working around the clock to assess the damage, clear debris, and help those affected by the storms.

The National Weather Service has issued tornado warnings and watches for several states in the central US, urging residents to take precautions and seek shelter immediately. The storms are expected to continue moving eastward, bringing the threat of more severe weather and tornadoes to other parts of the country.

As communities begin the long process of recovery and rebuilding, the tragic toll of this deadly weather system serves as a stark reminder of the power and unpredictability of nature. Our thoughts and prayers are with those who have lost loved ones, homes, and possessions in the wake of these devastating storms.

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