Who are the Democrats calling for Joe Biden to quit?

Several prominent Democrats have recently called for President Joe Biden to resign from office, citing a range of concerns about his leadership and decision-making.

One of the most vocal critics of Biden within his own party is Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), a progressive lawmaker who has been highly critical of the president’s handling of issues such as immigration and climate change. Ocasio-Cortez has argued that Biden has not done enough to address these urgent challenges and has called for him to step down in order to make way for a more progressive leader.

Similarly, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), a former presidential candidate and leading voice within the progressive wing of the Democratic Party, has also expressed dissatisfaction with Biden’s performance as president. Sanders has criticized Biden for his failure to pass key pieces of legislation, such as the Build Back Better Act, and has suggested that a change in leadership may be necessary in order to advance the party’s agenda.

Other Democrats who have called for Biden to resign include Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), who has raised concerns about the administration’s foreign policy decisions, and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), who has criticized Biden’s approach to economic issues such as student loan debt and income inequality.

While these calls for Biden to step down come from a relatively small number of Democrats, they reflect growing frustration within the party over the president’s performance. Many Democrats had high hopes for Biden when he took office, believing that he would usher in a new era of progressive change. However, as his presidency has progressed, some have become increasingly disillusioned with his leadership and are now calling for a change in direction.

It remains to be seen whether these calls for Biden to resign will gain traction within the Democratic Party or if they will remain isolated voices of dissent. However, the fact that such prominent figures within the party are speaking out against the president suggests that there is a growing sense of dissatisfaction and unease with his leadership. As Biden continues to face challenges both at home and abroad, it is clear that his own party is increasingly divided over his ability to lead effectively.

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